Pursued by a relentless horde of robots, you venture ever deeper into the caves.


  • Move: Mouse + WASD
  • Melee: Q
  • Jump: Space
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Switch weapon: 1-6
  • Full screen: F10

Robocave is in an early development stage and doesn't have much gameplay yet. The original version 0.1 was written in F# for the 7dfps jam and then ported to Rust for 0.2.

Known issues:

  • Firefox: Mouse look may drift or veer to one side (issue)
  • Safari: Mouse look does not work
  • Windows (web): On some machines, terrain chunks can bob around or flicker
  • Windows: Audio may stutter
  • All platforms: Occasional chunk lighting inconsistencies


rc-0.3.0-win64.zip 3 MB
rc-0.2.0-win64.zip 2 MB
rc-0.1.1-win64.zip 16 MB

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