Terrain Destruction and Web Version

Robocave is a game about robots in a subterranean voxel world, originally called Robot Caves for the 7dfps jam.  The focus of 0.2.0 was porting the code to Rust, adding the features below, and releasing a web version.


  • Missile weapon
  • Destructible terrain
  • Energy bar
  • Initial inventory HUD
  • New robots, but currently all behave the same
  • More sound effects
  • Stats at the end of game
  • Wall terrain around arena


rc-0.2.0-win64.zip 2 MB
May 20, 2022

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Hi B.C., I got here from your blog post comparing the F# and Rust versions. Any chance you'll make the F# version's source public? I daydream about working on something like this to help me "get" F# and still feel like I'm building something, and I'm struggling. I think your F# version would be a good reference and inspiration.

I've thought about releasing parts of it as examples or libraries. In the meantime, if you hadn't seen them, you might check out the platformer demo or Garnet examples. For learning idiomatic F#, the roguelike example game logic might be a good start.