Triverse Playable Demo

Triverse is a game about building drones out of parts and battling them. You can build by placing various parts like cores, thrusters, hulls, or turrets in triangle grid cells to form functioning drones. Designing a drone involves tradeoffs in mobility, power, defense, etc.

For this initial version, I've stuck with simple gameplay that somewhat works. For now there is no direct control of units and no AI building, just player building and simple AI steering and targeting. There is also no minimap/zoom and limited variety in parts/strategies.

I plan to add an EMP part next, which is necessary to make shields useful. Currently, shields are underpowered, but the eventual intent is to make them highly effective against cannons. Since EMP will have the capability to take down shields, shield strength can be increased in the next version.

More technical details here.

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Oct 20, 2022

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