Territory and Spawning

Triverse 0.7 improves on territory and introduces adaptive spawning.

Territory now appears around workers (units with external cores) and grows more naturally up to the borders of opposing territory. Territory also appears with a more distinctive border. As before, you can freely build, repair, or extract parts within your territory.

Adaptive spawning adjusts the rate of spawning according to the size of the opposing force. I've had this change on my list for later, but I expedited it due to feedback and the need for stress testing. The result is that survival mode is slightly more reasonable and won't flood the player with more waves than necessary (but you'll still eventually be overwhelmed).

More details in full blog post.

All changes


  • New territory algorithm
  • Adaptive spawning
  • Dimmed command buttons when unavailable
  • EMP propagation is slightly stronger
  • Shields cannot recharge in the same tick of an EMP hit
  • Parts cannot be reclaimed in the same tick of an EMP hit
  • Added slight randomization to break movement cycles


  • Crash when salvage completes at the same time a torpedo hits
  • Occasional speeding animation when units split while rotating
  • Repair orders were instantly completed without repairing
  • Replacing parts would not trigger repair


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Jan 19, 2023

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