Salvaging Parts

Workers can now salvage neutral parts to your inventory. Workers are any unit with exterior cores, and neutral parts are those without a nearby connected core.

Previously, you could simply select neutral units and press 'extract', which is convenient but makes for lots of microing and doesn't have enough cost within the game. Workers will now try to salvage neutral parts nearby that don't have attached cores (if a core is attached, the worker will instead try to claim it). Your opponent can also salvage parts, so you should probably bring some workers along for battles so you can quickly grab any available parts.

Directly extracting is still possible for parts of your own faction and for anything in sandbox mode. I considered requiring salvaging for your own faction as well, but doing so adds a lot of complexity and inconvience to building, so I plan to avoid changes unless it seems too exploitable somehow. The proximity to hostiles to allow extraction might need to be adjusted though.

The despawn/jettison timer has now increased to two minutes. Part of its purpose was to reduce clutter that might obstruct unit movement, but salvaging can now serve that purpose. However, the timer is still present because the current spawning can eventually cause clogging even with salvaging.

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Dec 02, 2022

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