In a distant star system, AI collectives vie for power. Assemble and control a self-replicating fleet to harvest resources, salvage wreckage, and defend your territory. Using modular parts, design ships to counter threats while balancing mobility, defense, and firepower.

Triverse is a pausable RTS-like with custom unit creation on a triangle grid canvas. Units behave autonomously according to their capabilities, or you can issue specific orders.

Gameplay is experimental and may change. For an intro on how to play, try the training scenarios or check the detailed guide.


  • Main
    • [Space]: Pause or play
    • [Tab]: Toggle selection
    • [WASD] or arrows: Pan view
    • [F10]: Full screen
    • [Escape]: Show/hide menu
  • Tools
    • [Left mouse]: Select or place parts
    • [Right mouse]: Extract, erase, or issue orders
    • [Mouse wheel] or [Shift+QE]: Rotate blueprint
    • [Mouse wheel over toolbar]: Scroll tool
  • Orders
    • [Q]: Cancel
    • [R]: Repair
    • [H]: Halt
  • Playback
    • [Z] or [.]: Step once
    • [;]: Decrease speed
    • [']: Increase speed
  • Building
    • [X] or [Delete]: Delete selection
    • [Ctrl+C] or [C]: Copy
    • [Ctrl+V] or [V]: Paste
    • [F]: Switch faction (sandbox only)


  • Cannons inflict immediate ranged damage but are mitigated by shields
  • Claws ignore shields but have only a short melee range
  • Pulses lower shields and unpower parts, but hulls block them
  • Launchers fire devastating torpedoes, but agile units can dodge them
  • Thrusters increase mobility but are easily damaged
  • Hulls increase armor of adjacent parts but reduce mobility
  • Cores increase power but are easily damaged and costly
  • Storage increases support points and supports surrounding parts
  • Shields mitigate damage inflicted on surrounding parts


Use your inventory of parts to build within territory while paused. After placing parts and unpausing, nearby worker units will begin construction. You can also use predefined blueprints from the toolbar (scroll right or use full screen).

Use sandbox mode to try different builds. Press 'F' to switch factions to place opposing units. To save a build, select and copy it to the clipboard as text, then paste it back later:

  /h\c/h\     /h\c/o\c/h\              
/t\s/o\s/t\   \t/s\g/s\t/   /h\c/g\c/h\
    \t/       /c\h/g\h/c\   \t/o\s/o\t/
              \h/t\o/t\h/     \t/h\t/ 

Development log


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For anyone who thinks survival is impossible: just get good

wrong comment place :)

Thanks so much for the review and video!

Just a bunch of compounds reacting with one another, nice game!

Thanks! I agree, running it as a simulation feels like watching a reaction occur or Conway's Game of Life.