Build drone fleets from triangle parts and watch them battle. Development is in an early stage, so gameplay is experimental and will likely change.


  • Tools:
    • [Left mouse]: Select or build
    • [Right mouse]: Extract, erase, or issue orders
    • [Middle mouse]: Pick part or pan view
    • [Mouse wheel] or QE: Rotate blueprint
    • [Tab]: Toggle selection mode
  • Orders:
    • [R] Cancel order
    • [H] Halt
  • Playback:
    • [Space]: Pause or play
    • [Z] or [.]: Step once
    • [;] Decrease speed
    • ['] Increase speed
  • Editing:
    • [Delete]: Delete selection
    • [Ctrl+X] or [X]: Cut
    • [Ctrl+C] or [C]: Copy
    • [Ctrl+V] or [V]: Paste
  • Misc:
    • [WASD] or arrows: Pan view
    • [F]: Switch faction (sandbox only)
    • [Escape]: Show/hide menu


Use your inventory of parts to build within territory near your units while paused. After placing a unit and unpausing, construction will start. Once construction is complete, the unit will be functional.

If you want to save a build, you can select and copy it to the clipboard as text, then paste it back in later or share it with others:

  /h\c/h\     /h\c/o\c/h\              
/t\s/o\s/t\   \t/s\g/s\t/   /h\c/g\c/h\
    \t/       /c\h/g\h/c\   \t/o\s/o\t/
              \h/t\o/t\h/     \t/h\t/ 

Use the sandbox to try different builds. Press 'F' to switch factions to place opposing units. Be creative and see if you can find any overpowered builds!


Each placed part has a power level based on its proximity to cores (L1 within four connected cells, L2 if adjacent, L3 if two cores adjacent). A higher level means more damage, shield strength, or thrust. Parts glow with the faction color of the core that claims them. Parts unpower when no core is within range.

Parts also need support. You start with 10 support points by default and can place storage parts to increase support further. If support drops below zero, parts will begin to unpower and jettison.

To get more parts, either extract parts from neutralized units or harvest crystal. Crystal automatically converts to parts when you unpause. To harvest crystal, build worker units with at least one external core.

Known issues

  • Safari: May run at lower framerate
  • Safari: Clipboard copy/paste does not work
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StatusIn development
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Tags2D, artificial-intelligence, Experimental, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Top-Down, Turn-based



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